NIF funded direct with Playsafe Productions / migrated ownership to the Canadian Safe Boating Council - PlaySafe Productions, McCullough and Associates

Cold Water Boot Camp literally stopped the recreational boating community ‘cold in their tracks’. The genesis of Cold Water Boot Camp was to find a way to get recreational boaters into lifejackets and positively change the drowning statistics. Through a review of why boaters do not wear lifejackets and the lack of awareness of the risks of cold water combined by a statistically large percentage of boating drownings in cold water helped identify the need for the program. Combined with the number one reason boaters say they do not wear lifejackets…(’I can swim’) the concept was conceived. Cold Water Boot Camp took 9 volunteers and put them into cold water to see how long it would be before they would have drowned.

Most of the volunteers were tough and seasoned boaters and marine professionals, including a DND Search and Rescue Swimmer. Cold Water Boot Camp combined compelling video stories, solid content, exact science and web delivery of the messages to change behaviour and perception in Canada and beyond. A separate Cold Water Boot Camp program was created for the U.S. market in partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard and the National Water Safety Congress and the result was changes mandatory lifejacket wear in some states during colder boating months. In addition to web delivery, peripheral communication products included a half hour cable TV show, mini video modules for a variety of in class use and an intense promotional campaign in print, online, on broadcast, in out of home advertising and at trade shows. Cold Water Boot Camp was responsible for a significant shift in the public attitude about the risks of cold water.
Playsafe developed the concept, drafted the proposal, created the product and after passing ownership to the Canadian Safe Boating Council, continue to maintain it.

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