Transport Canada Boating Safety Contribution Program funded / Client the Canadian Safe Boating Council

This three-year program was designed to make Canadian Boaters more aware of safe and responsible practices with an ultimate goal of reducing boating incidents. The program included:

  • 4 national media launches across Canada for Safe Boating Awareness Week

  • Management of some 300 volunteers and volunteer organizations

  • Partner building and partner solicitation

  • The creation and execution of 4 additional national boating safety media events, Hooked on Lifejackets, Operation Dry Water and Stretching the Season

  • A comprehensive web site for program and materials delivery to volunteers, media and the general public

  • The creation of a large variety of print, radio and TV spots

  • A million dollar plus billboard/mall poster campaign of which 80 % was in kind solicitations

  • An inexpensive and easy to replicate ( by partners) boating safety pamphlet ( called Boat Notes) to replace the TC Safe Boating Guide

  • A significant research project on boater behaviour, barriers and opportunities that both helped shaped messaging and was shared with the boating community

  • A safety communication outreach program where small dollar contribution projects were solicited and managed from grass roots organizations

Playsafe developed the concepts, produced the proposal, created the products, solicited partner participation, liased with media and managed the individual and organizational volunteers
Note: Playsafe / CSBC have been successful in securing another 3 year program (2016-2019) that includes a new lifejacket education component in the far north, a mobile boating safety site, a boating safety APP and the recruitment, support and management of 5 local boating safety champions across Canada.